Wellness Policies

Many school communities in Alberta are creating and implementing policies and procedures designed to improve the health and wellness of their school community. Policy, in a healthy school community setting refers to the management of practices, decision-making processes, rules, procedures and policies at all levels that promote health and well-being, and shape a respectful, welcoming and caring school environment.

While policy is not essential, it can help create sustainability by ensuring that practice becomes embedded within the culture of the school community. The most successful way to develop policy is through consultation with all stakeholders; a top-down, bottom-up approach is more likely to achieve buy-in especially when policy is created from practice rather than by dictating policy. Any policy should be supported by an Implementation Plan to ensure the following is in place:

  • communication plan
  • monitoring system
  • appropriate resources

Once the importance of a healthy school community is recognised, the process of developing that community can begin using the comprehensive school health framework. This framework is more effective when the perspective of both district and school is considered, and can be guided by using the process model.

If your school community is considering implementing a wellness policy, it may be of help to review what other school communities have already done. Below are links to a number of developed policies:

Battle River Healthy School Communities and Workplaces Administrative Procedure 190

Black Gold's Healthy School Communities and Workplaces Policy (code IHG)

Calgary Board of Education's Nutrition Administrative Regulation 3047

Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73

Edmonton Catholic's Nutrition Administrative Policy 134

Edmonton Public's Health and Wellness of Staff and Students Policy

Physical and Health Education Canada- School Nutrition Policies

Lethbridge's Healthy Nutritional Choices Policy

Peace Wapiti's Nutrition Policy

STAR Catholic's Comprehensive School Health and Wellness Administrative Procedure 163

Sturgeon School Districts Healthy School Communities Policy

Wetaskiwin's Nutrition Administrative Procedure 176

Wetaskiwin's Wellness Policy 19

Wild Rose's Healthy School Communities Administrative Procedure 134

Wild Rose's Health Promoting Environments Policy 18

Wolf Creek's Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Administrative Procedure 107