Assessing, Tracking, Evaluating and Reflecting

This resource can be downloaded as a hard-copy in our Handbook, along with others.

Wellness Fund projects have recognised the importance of using evidence to inform practice. Assessment, tracking, evaluation and reflection can provide school communities with a structured plan for moving forward.

Assessment can help identify the current situation and highlight areas of need, providing an organised and thoughtful approach to addressing wellness in the school community. It can also:

  • Help with the decision-making process on what actions to take
  • Help increase support for change and engage stakeholders in a prioritisation process
  • Identify strengths and what is already being accomplished
  • Provide a means by which progress can be measured and demonstrated over time

Schools and districts already have a large amount of student and school data, such as the Accountability Pillars, TTFM surveys, etc., which can be accessed to inform an assessment.

Tracking ensures that the goals identified in the action plan are addressed. Tracking identifies the purpose, actions, method and impact of the activities undertaken and can be used to inform both the direction of the project and its evaluation, as well as to provide updates on your project in newsletters, staff meetings, parents council meetings and through announcements.

Evaluating provides the information needed to make judgements about the project and improve its effectiveness. It also informs decisions about future direction. Evaluation provides information about:

  • Relevance of the project to the community’s needs
  • The operation, strengths and weaknesses of any actions or activities
  • Attainment of goals and objectives
  • Issues and impacts
Reflecting brings closure to activities and informs future direction and next steps. It encourages:
  • Review of actions and results
  • Feedback from the whole school community
  • Analysis of what has worked and what was not successful
  • Consideration of how the 4 Pillars of CSH have been impacted
  • Informs next steps

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