Positive Social Environments

Healthy School Policy

  • Implement a social-emotional curriculum (ex. The Fourth R) and support ongoing training for the school community
  • Instill a sense of belonging and connectedness among staff, students and families

Partnerships & Services

  • "Link" Program- where student leaders help new students from feeder schools integrate into new school community
  • Partner with the local seniors home to create a reciprocal mentoring program
  • Partner with the larger community to support anti-bullying initiatives
  • Invite families to participate in the classroom

Teaching & Learning

  • Teach students conflict resolution skills to mentor and mediate with peers
  • Integrate social issues into Physical and Health Education, CALM and leadership curricula
  • Provide staff training to promote and support positive social environments
  • Teach students breathing techniques to become more focused and calm
  • Host a student leadership conference

Social & Physical Environments

  • Utilize student's artistic talent to create murals and art installations in the school
  • Use gardens and socializing areas to promote positive interactions between school members
  • For peer support groups and cross-grade mentoring groups
  • Create and support leadership classes
  • Form a wellness committee that incorporates members from the school community
  • Two minute moment- students fill out cards with interesting information about themselves, each teacher collect cards. Teachers then try to have a meaningful 2 minute conversation once a month with each child.
  • Staff wellness initiatives
  • Spirit Days




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