Healthy Relationships

Healthy School Policy

  • Arranged staffing to dedicate a certificated teacher to two half days per week to focus on healthy relationships and ensuring that there is a certified psychologist

Partnerships & Services

  • Healthy U Symposium- partnership with many agencies on a one day symposium discussing topics regarding Healthy Relationships, Team Building, Move Your Mood, Learning Clicks and Healthy Choices
  • Discussions with different AHS health care workers and networking within the community to share resources and information
  • Establish agency support from local RCMP

Teaching & Learning

  • Focus groups addressing healthy relationships: defining them, comparing them, determining what high school students need to know about them, and thinking about how to get the messages out there.
  • Student development of "Free 2 Choose" website including sections on "healthy you", "healthy relationships", "family and friends", and "sexual relationships".
  • Weekly early morning sessions for all staff called "Wellness Talks". Topics included various specific mental health disorders, self care for givers and awareness of community-based agencies to whom staff may refer students.
  • Staff promote concrete strategies for at-risk youth to use to remove obstacles from their personal health and well-being, including relationships with their peers and families
  • Students designed questions and surveyed the student body in terms of issues and attitudes relating to sexuality. When the surveys were evaluated three issues stood out. Students wanted more information on healthy relationships, teenage pregnancy, and sexting.
  • Students created events and brought in speakers to focus specifically on these issues (healthy relationships, teenage pregnancy, and sexting) as well as other topics related to sexuality and healthy choices
  • Students came up with a slogan "No Regrets" and educated the student body about what the slogan meant (to make choices regarding sexuality so you live life with "no regrets")
  • Staff members attended Western Canadian Sex Educators Conference
  • Professional Development for teaching staff by registering in the Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationships (Adult Workshop) to share with the outreach staff and students
  • Student driven "Positive Community Norms" campaign that engages not just in the campaign but in the process through focus groups, creation of campaign materials and feedback throughout the process to ensure relevant messaging to students
  • Creation of a website to deliver the relationship program to students, staff and other schools

Social & Physical Environments

  • Sharing circles with students and a guest facilitator who had personal experience dealing with the subject at hand. Topics included addiction, LGBTQ inclusiveness, body image, STIs and pregnancy, and domestic violence
  • Planned group activities for building self-esteem and learning to interact in a positive manner such in-school yoga/meditation sessions, activities, and group sharing sessions
  • Planned and purchased materials for healing activities through art, journals, poetry and other forms of expression


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