Healthy Eating

Healthy School Policy

  • Non-food rewards such as pencils and stickers are used in classrooms
  • Food and beverages sold are consistent with the Alberta Nutrition Guideline
  • Review and revamp nutrition policy
  • Develop a school nutrition statement

Partnerships & Services

  • Invite grocery stores and restaurants to sponsor a food program
  • Host milk programs
  • Connect with an AHS dietitian to make informed food-related decisions
  • Cafeteria makeovers include the hiring of new healthy food service providers

Teaching & Learning

  • Incorporate healthy eating knowledge into subjects such as science and math
  • Provide PD opportunities for staff members to gain information on healthy eating
  • Older students teach younger ones how to read food labels
  • "Just try it" Wednesdays (sampling different healthy foods)
  • Earth boxes used to grow healthy food
  • Creation of an after-hours Cooking Club
  • Knowledge of healthy eating gained through active participation in the planning, shopping, preparation of morning snacks and the weekly hot lunch
  • Breakfast program
  • Educational displays and newsletters
  • Nutrition presentations (for both student and parent education)
  • Sugar Shocker Kits

Social & Physical Environments

  • Consider a breakfast program which provides opportunities for students to interact with each other
  • Facilitate a sense of ownership by students and other school community members by seeking their input into changes to the school environment that facilitate healthy eating options
  • Provide equipment that supports healthy breakfast/lunch programs and cooking clubs
  • Include healthy options in food menus and offset the cost by raising the prices of less healthy options
  • A refrigerator and some other small kitchen equipment is purchased to enable the school to make and store healthy snacks for students and staff
  • Host weekly or regular smoothie days
  • Rainbow lunch contests for students
  • Change product choices in vending machines to reflect "choose most often"
  • Healthier hot lunch options
  • Build a school greenhouse
  • Plant and harvest fruit and vegetable gardens (produce can be used in school canteens/cafeterias)


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