Active Living

Healthy School Policy

  • Commit to DPA for every student and commit to DPA-related training for all new teachers
  • Prioritize Physical and Health Education in timetables

Partnerships & Services

  • Students shovel snow for local seniors in the winter, and in the summer months when school is out, the local seniors help tend the school's community garden
  • Schools receive free passes to a local YMCA to give to students
  • Connect with community centres to increase opportunities for active living
  • Yoga offerings
  • Utilize the school's existing infrastructure and open it up to the school community after learning hours

Teaching & Learning

  • Students in after school care programs create, explain and carry out physical activities. Example: A student created real live active game based on a video game
  • Create non-instructional time active living opportunities and incorporate teachers
  • Provide PD opportunities to enhance DPA, and Physical and Health Education
  • During yoga classes each student has the opportunity to teach a pose
  • Yoga training for staff and students
  • Implement the Positive Playgrounds program
  • "The Mobile Classroom"- a program where students learn about science, social issues (environmentally related), math and language arts throughout the entire day where the class moves around an urban park setting via bicycles
  • The Student Leadership Team can create and run unique, fun living events

Social & Physical Environments

  • Incorporate students into fundraising initiatives to create a sense of ownership
  • Create activity options that increase diversity of alternatives to team/traditional sports
  • Create an equipment sign-out program for evenings and weekends
  • Gardening project- older students prepare land by raking beds and leveling, while younger students pick out rocks and weeds to prepare soil
  • Facilitate recess activity with tarmac markings
  • Encourage opportunities for students to plan and implement intramurals
  • Geo-caching events
  • Walk across Alberta pedometer challenge
  • Update or create a fitness centre
  • The school community organizes a clean up of a local park, making it a safe and desirable place to play and be active
  • Aboriginal traditional games day
  • Purchased outdoor equipment for summer and winter activities (including snowshoes and cross country skis)




Group Fitness Activity