Project Activities

Activities and Actions within the Pillars of a Comprehensive School Health Approach

Here you will find some of the activities and actions utilized by school communities funded by the Wellness Fund. Click on each category to access more details about policies, partnerships and services, teaching learning strategies, and social and physical environments implemented by our funded projects.

Healthy Eating

  • Providing nutrition presentations and displays

  • Providing staff with professional development opportunities

  • Changing the physical environment of the school to provide healthier options

  • Partnering with dietitians to ensure that food and beverages sold or served in the school are consistent with the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines

  • Developing school/district nutrition policy using a collaborative approach

Active Living

  • Equipment sign-out program for evenings and weekends

  • Cross-curricular connections using DPA bins and other physical activity equipment

  • Student-run intramurals

  • Alternative physical activity classes, such has hip hop, yoga, cross-fit, or zumba for students and staff

  • Mobile Classroom – e.g., bike to science class in the forest

Positive Social Environments

  • Partnering with the local seniors home to create a reciprocal mentoring program

  • Partnering with the larger community to support positive relationship initiatives

  • Inviting families to participate in classroom activities

  • Creating gardens and socializing areas for all school community members

  • Promoting artistic talent within the school through murals and art displays

Healthy Relationships